You are our most important asset

Managing your wealth and future can be an overwhelming task. We’re here to simplify the process so instead of feeling anxious and alarmed, you’ll feel:



Wealth management can be complex at times. And there’s a reason you’re here, right? This is what we do for a living. And we do it really, really well.


In control.

For you, that means the backing of sharp, rock-solid but friendly specialists who will keep you in the driver’s seat, and give you all the control you want.



It’s not really about us, of course. When it comes to your finances, we place the emphasis firmly on the ‘your’. You’ve earned it. Not us.

Where are you going?

How do we get you there? The honest answer is, we don’t know until we listen. Until we hear what you have to say. Until we learn a lot more about you. And understand what’s important for you and where you’d like to go in life.


I want my financial life made easier.

Private Wealth Solution

This is a rigorous and valuable process that covers everything life throws at you, through good times and bad. This might involve having children, getting married or divorced, buying or selling a home, building and protecting your wealth, changing careers, retirement, education and leaving a legacy.

Why? Because only if we get to know you, can we help you draw up a financial road map with action plans, guidance and practical help to kick some big goals. Whether that’s creating more wealth, or spending more time with the family.

We’ll hold you to these goals too; checking in to see if you’re on track. And jointly managing putting them into place.


I want to make my super ‘super’.  

Superannuation advice

Our strong specialist knowledge and broad industry experience allows us to provide an impartial view of the superannuation landscape.

For you, that means exploring the best long-term super structures and strategies, including tax effectiveness, the potential use of a self-managed super fund (SMSF), and things like contributions, pensions and how to best leave behind your legacy to your beneficiaries.


I need to set realistic financial goals.

Investment advice

Anyone can have an investment portfolio. But what’s the difference between getting one from a corporate institution (don’t) and one designed by Trilogy? In a word: You.

Just as you’re a one-off human being, your portfolio should be individual too. So we’ll help you tailor a very specific, and long-term investment portfolio that will help you achieve the financial goals you set.

Where allocation meets diversification.

In other words, we help you put your money in places that mitigate risk. But we don’t do it without deep analysis and research, and never without your understanding and approval first.

Cost effective, tax effective and with a lower turnover, we’ll structure your portfolio to be both diverse and robust. We’ll also keep an eye on costs and taxes – both of which can be costly and take away from your goals.


I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Planning for retirement

You’ve done the hard yards. Put the hours in. And achieved a lot so far. Retirement should be the light at the end of the tunnel; the best years of your life. To make them even better, you have to do a little planning. And that’s where we can help.

We’ll help you explore a range of issues that could affect you, like leaving a legacy, managing your portfolio, investing in property, superannuation, redundancy and even taking a hard-earned sabbatical.


Help! I never seem to have any time.

Administration services

We hear you. It’s a common complaint from almost all of our clients. Life and work just keep getting in the way, and your financial affairs just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the pile, right?

We can help by simplifying, automating and managing all of your record keeping in relation to investments and taxation. You simply hand the entire process over to us to handle and coordinate, and we’ll keep you in the loop, and have your affairs sorted out and simplified. It’s a simple but powerful one-stop shop service that many clients can’t do without.

What's next?

The best time to get help managing your wealth isn’t tomorrow. It’s today. And all it takes is a quick call or an email, and we’ll arrange a friendly, no obligation chat.