Working with us

Wealth Management is a bit like getting fit. We all know we need to do it. But actually getting there seems to take so much effort, that we keep putting it off. It’s our role to guide you, motivate you, and keep you up-to-date on every step of the financial journey ahead.

We’ll work with you to get to know you and the life you lead; supporting, guiding and sometimes even inspiring you with our extensive experience and expertise, professional skills and broad networks. We’re not just about the here and now, of course. We’ll help you look ahead and decide where you’d like to be tomorrow, and in the future.

What we stand for:



We’re rigorously honest

With wealth comes trust. We promise to never make a decision without you giving it the green light. And we will never advise anything in our best interests over yours.


We're open

No hidden agendas. No secret commissions. We adopt open and transparent commercial terms only after we’ve both agreed on them.

Tailored Advice.

We work for you

Everyone’s unique. And everyone’s circumstances are different. When we work with you, it’s like having a CFO work on your behalf. You’re the boss. We’re your wise counsel.

Why We're Different

There are lots of financial advisers in the world.
Why are we any different?

  • You’re in chargeFirst, we never forget that we work for you. You make the big decisions. We’ll make sure they’re informed.
  • IntimateWe’re a friendly team of serious industry professionals. It’s our job to make you happy too, with personalised and insightful service.
  • GuidingIf you’re not learning, you’re not growing. So we place a lot of importance on keeping you up-to-date and in the know. With simple, accessible language.
  • SimpleWe believe simpler is better.
  • AccessibleWe’re all instantly accessible – when your financial position changes, let us know and we’ll work with you on a response. Fast.
  • ProvenOur investment philosophy is based on the tried, proven and fundamental basics.
  • DiligentOur focus is on what we can control, e.g. taxes, fees, portfolio turnover.
  • SensibleYou benefit from our absolute focus on wealth preservation.

What We do

Wealth management is our passion. We live and breathe it every day, navigating our clients through an ever-changing world of new possibilities.

The solution to volatility? Dependability.

Our Investment Philosophy

On average, since stock markets were invented, they’ve proven to be quite efficient. A place where diversification is essential and risk is balanced with expected returns.

For many, a focus on asset allocation and cost minimisation would help the most. In today’s markets, investors are needing to make smarter, more informed decisions compared to previous eras, and in this environment managing costs is an essential part of producing meaningful returns.


Avoiding timing is time well spent.

Timing and Opportunities

We avoid trying to time markets, as it’s generally futile. Instead, we’re continually researching new ways to allocate capital more efficiently. That means robust academic diligence. And persistent and proven trends.

We encourage you to be in it for the long run, not for short-term gains. And that involves a strong preservation philosophy – and a little bit of daring now and again.

Simpler is smarter.

Investment Portfolios

The elegant simplicity of our portfolios actually masks the sophistication and complexity of the risk decisions from which they derive. Each portfolio is diversified across global markets and economies, as well as asset classes and individual securities. By investing with Trilogy, you’ll gain access to institutional style investments that are directly aligned to your goals.

Experience, Expertise and Energy.

Our Services

  • Investments. Goals and cash flow based processes built on a robust asset allocation approach.
  • Insurance. Plain speaking advice on the levels and types of cover you should know about.
  • Structuring. We work with your accountant in regards to retirement planning and reviewing your current structures & set-up.
  • Loans. We’ll work with your lending specialist to ensure your loan positions are appropriate and structured efficiently.
  • Estate planning. We can assist your lawyer with updating Wills, Powers of Attorney and guardianship documents.
  • Superannuation. Review of current super funds, alternative superannuation vehicles such as an SMSF and advice in relation to contributions and pensions.
  • Administration services. We assist you in managing all of your paperwork and co-ordinating your financial affairs.

Our Team

Good advice is hard to find. Multiplied by three, it’s formidable.

Patrick Giddy


  • Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Accounting
  • Diploma of Financial Services
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • CFP® member of the Financial Planning Association
  • SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor™
  • Senior Associate Financial Services Institute of Australasia

“I try to remove all of the stress and worries associated with financial matters – working proactively with my clients to get to know them, to give them the most informed advice I can.”

With over 15 years’ experience in the wealth management industry, Patrick has a background in providing advice to sophisticated, often high net worth individuals, families and SMEs who need clear guidance and a proven navigator. This often involves taking a 360-degree view of a client’s affairs to ensure the financial aspects are in good shape; creating, monitoring and reviewing strategies along the way.

Patrick brings a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for opportunities across all client portfolios.

Peter Cheadle


  • Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Diploma of Financial Planning 
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • CFP® member of the Financial Planning Association
  • SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor™ 

“I enjoy being a sounding board for clients and believe that quality financial advice ultimately is defined by the patient building of a long term relationship founded on the values of trust, transparency and knowledge of each individual”

Peter aims to combine his technical expertise with an understanding of how “money issues” intersect with the rest of people’s complex lives. His aim is to simplify financial affairs and provide solutions to complex situations to quickly and painlessly ease the burden.

Peter is passionate about helping and integrating clients into the advisory process, to empower and educate them along the way.

Samuel Mantarro


  • Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Finance
  • Diploma of Financial Planning 
  • CFP® member of the Financial Planning Association

“My approach to wealth management is to educate clients on the different ways to invest money, and how to make more informed decisions in relation to life’s ups and downs.”

Samuel has a rich and varied background in providing financial and strategic advice to sophisticated and high net worth individuals, executives, medical and franchise owners on behalf of one of the top three financial services companies in Australia.

Samuel’s approach is holistic; educating and enlightening clients on the various strategies that are available to them and that are right for their goals. Life being what it is, these strategies can change, and this is where a trustworthy (and totally transparent) guide comes in.